Club Championship

What, Where, When

The championships run for a full calendar year and include the following race categories:

  • Cross Country
  • Road Relays
  • Warwickshire Road Race League (WRRL)

The following championship titles are available (separate Female and Male titles):

  • Club Champion
  • Cross Country Champion
  • WRRL Champion

For each of the above titles, the winner is the one who receives the most ‘points’ throughout the year.

I’ll cover the points scoring system later. Before we get onto that, I’d like to explain which races are included in each of the above championship categories.

Club Champion

Events included:

  • Cross country events
    • Your best performance (highest-scoring) of either the Warwickshire Championships or the Midland Championships - both are usually held in January
    • Your best three out of the four Birmingham league races (this is the first change – all four races used to be included, but we now have the flexibility to miss one race and not lose out) - held in January, February, November and December
  • Road relay events
    • Both events count - usually held in March and September at Sutton Park
      • Where an event includes legs of varying lengths, times are adjusted accordingly (and fairly!) to provide a combined list of finishing times
  • WRRL events
    • Your best six out of eleven races – usually held between April and October

Cross Country Champion

Events included:

  • Both your performances of the Warwickshire Championships and the Midland Championships - both are usually held in January
  • Your total points scored across all four Birmingham league races - held in January, February, November and December

WRRL Champion

Events included

  • Your total points scored across all eleven Warwickshire Road Race League races

Scoring System

Now, on to the points. The system we use is similar to that used by various other events, including the Warwickshire Road Race League series and our own Grand Prix events.

If you take place in any of the above events, you will receive points based on the finishing positions of all Centurions taking part in the event. Please note that points are not based on your finishing position in the race, but are based on where you finish in the order of Centurions taking part. Also note that your actual race times are not taken into account; we only look at the order of participants as they cross the finishing line.

If we only manage to fill 1 team in any relay event and there are reserves, the reserves will be decided by current form by the team manager. In this case the reserves will be required to turn up on the day ready to run, just incase another runner drops out. To compensate them, they will be awarded the average number of championship points given out that day.


Points are awarded as follows:

1st Centurion – 280

2nd – 260

3rd – 250

4th – 240

5th – 235

6th – 230

7th – 225

8th – 220

9th – 215

10th – 210

11th – 209

12th – 208

13th – 207

14th – 206

and so on


After each qualifying event, the spreadsheet elves get to work and update the current standings. Following this, an update is sent to all members via email, which includes the main headlines and updated charts, showing everyone’s position to date. The top five female and male standings are also added to the Centurion Facebook page and our news feed.