Presentation evening and end of year review

On Saturday March 9th, Centurion RC members fled to Water Orton cricket club for our annual presentation evening. Needless to say, beer was drank, Curry was consumed and fun was had. We had a great turn out, those of which may not want to carry on reading. But for those that couldn't make it, we have put together a small report to present to you the highlights.

Before getting on with the trophy winners, our mens team captain, Thomas Healy, and our ladies team manager, Clare Colquhoun compiled reports on how the men and women in the club had been doing in 2018. Please click the links below and have a read.



Now onto the prize giving. Ed, Clare and Sam did a great job of handing out the awards, we shall get into those now...

Club championship

The club championship is our main championship comprising on lots of races thoughout the year, including the cross country, relays and WRRL. Its our most pristigous awards and our winners should be very proud.

Female Champion = Alison Ferguson

Female Runner-Up = Melissa Henderson

Female 3rd Place = Clare Colquhoun

Male champion = Thomas Healy

Male Runner-Up = James Eckloff

Male 3rd Place = Martin Henderson


Here are the final charts for the club championship standings:

Charts-Race 18

Female Cross Country Champion = Alison Ferguson

A close race between Sam Horsfall and Alison, but Alison managed to come out on top.

Male Cross Country Championship = Thomas Healy

Only a tiny gap between Tom at the top and Ian Satterwaite in 2nd place. Hard fought, im sure.

Female WRRL Champion = Jeanette Robathan

Jeanette attended every single WRRL race, showing dedication and commitment, she even claimed 3rd FV55 overall.

Male WRRL Champion = Eric Robathan

A clean sweep in the WRRL category for the Robathan's. Eric was also an ever present in the competition.

John Walker Trophy - Female = Marilyn Maidment

No Photo

This trophy is for being first Centurion in the grand prix series, Marilyn did a great job.

John Walker Trophy - Male = Thomas Healy

This trophy is for being first Centurion in the grand prix series, Tom was consistently up there.

Most Improved Female = Maxine Bradbury

Maxine has been consistently improving since being here, going from strength to strength.

Most Improved Male = James Eckloff

James Had a really good year, whilst training for Brighton marathon, he improved his PB's over every distance, ending in a big PB at Brighton and breaking sub 3.

Best Female Newcomer = Diane Jenkins

Since joining the club, Diane has not only integrated well, but has shown some real prowess.

Best Male Newcomer = Lee Haynes

No Photo

Lee has took to running really well from what we can see, took part in a fair amount of club races and placed really well.

Parkrun Cup Champion = Tanya Murphy

Tanya was extremely consistent with her improvements in the parkrun cup. survived a tie and took the cup with some real strong running.

Target Zero Champion = Ian Cooper

well, Ian got his mile time exactly to the second. extremely good estimating and well deserved.

Club Member of the Year = Ed Wallace

Im sure we can all agree, there wasn't another member even close to being as dedicated as Ed has been in 2018, not only racing for the club, but actually coming onto the committee, then when the chairman had work commitments, Ed stepped up to cover the chairmans duties. Whilst still being the run director at the grand prix series. 

Please see below link, a spreadsheet by Wayne Muddiman, this is all the main contenders of the club championships comparison to 2017, it maybe of interest to you.

Yearly Comparisons

Thats it from me, i hope everybody who attended had a great time, and well done again to all our winners. See you all there next year! Thomas compiled a few photos from the year, so ive included some below, for your viewing pleasure.