2017 championship

December's cross country events brought a conclusion to our club championship competitions. After nineteen well-fought races, with a whopping 59 Centurions taking part throughout the year, we can now crown all our champions.

The full set of charts is attached, but here are the main headlines:


  • After taking a late lead, Alison Fergusson finishes as the Ladies’ Club Champion
  • Jeanette Robathan finishes in the runner-up position
  • Taking third place on the podium is Clare Colquhoun
  • These three finished well ahead of the pack, but Theresa Woolley continues to show her intentions for next year by taking fourth place
  • Sam Horsfall completes the top five
  • There weren’t any significant changes to the standings after the final race, with Maxine Bradbury being the only climber, moving up one place to 13th
  • Theresa Woolley takes the title of Ladies’ Cross Country Champion, followed by Alison Fergusson (2nd) and Clare Colquhoun (3rd)
  • The Ladies’ Warwickshire Road Race League Champion is Jeanette Robathan, with Alison Fergusson in second and Clare Colquhoun in third
  • Andy Burnett takes the Ladies’ Relays glory (sadly, there’s no trophy for this competition, but the glory will still always be there!)



  • Having taken the lead after race two, Thomas Healy never looked back and takes the Men’s Club Championship by a clear margin
  • Wayne Muddiman finishes as runner-up
  • Completing the podium is Andy Rea, in third place
  • Julian Landeau moves up one place to finish in fourth spot
  • Ed Wallace makes up the top five
  • We have a very high climber in Martin Henderson, who has taken very well to the mess that is cross country racing and sees himself rocket up a massive five places to finish in tenth place
  • We then have a trio moving up three places each – Paul Cooper (19th), Matthew McKenna (23rd) and Kevin Ferncombe (30th)
  • Making their debuts in this year’s competition are our 2016 champion, Paul Davies (31st), and Aaron Baines (35th)
  • Thomas Healy also becomes the Men’s Cross Country Champion, with Wayne Muddiman in second and Andy Rea in third
  • Not satisfied with just two titles, Thomas Healy also becomes the Warwickshire Road Race League Champion, followed by Gavin Davies (2nd) and Ed Wallace (3rd)
  • Our Men’s Relays honours are taken by Shaun Hemmings

Well done everybody for taking part, a big well done to Thomas Healy and Alison Fergusson. please see below the detailed PDF of the facts and figures.

Club Championship Standings 2017