Centurion Grand Prix 3/6 report

Thomas Healy, grand prix 1/6 2017/18 series

Race 3/6 was held on January 7th 2018, interestingly due to ice, the course was ran in a clockwise direction with the small lap being the last lap, this cause much debate but ultimately was the correct decision on health and safety grounds.

1st male in the 2k was Jack O'Leary (Solihull and Small Heath AC) in 07:10.

1st female in the 2k was Amelie Ranger (Bromsgrove and Redditch AC) in 08:00.

Full results here

1st male in the 5M was Jonny Carter (Tipton Harriers) in 27:21.

1st female in the 5M was Rosie Marsh (Knowle & Dorridge RC) in 34:29.

Full results here

Top 5 Centurions home below


  1. Tom Healy (32:27)
  2. Gavin Davies (33:53)
  3. Tony Haden (36:37)
  4. Paul Cooper (37:51)
  5. Martin Henderson (39:21)



  1. Jeanette Robathan (39:45)
  2. Marilyn Maidment (41:02)
  3. Lucy McCann (44:24)
  4. Tanya Griffiths (45:41)
  5. Clare Colquhoun (46:31)

Well done to everybody who took part, and hopefully the course will be back to normal (weather permitting) next month. Februarys race will be held on Sunday 4th February 2018.

Happy running!